About us

First Of All Thanks to Visiting Raghav Goat Farm Website. I am Mr. Radhey Rana owner of this Farm. I was Started Goat Farming from 2010. Now Our Farm have approximatly 200 animal male / female and I wish to next year will be 500-1000 animal Farming. we are farming and salling Bucks Special for EID Festival (Bakari EID). We also supply animals for domestic and export quality meat. Lots of People visited to My Goat Farm for Breeds Farming and for Purchasing Animals as well as taking guidance and trainig from me.

10Our heartiest greetings and welcome to the one and only place of its type in entire India.  Raghav Goat Farm Goat Farm where you could meet and look around for the choosiest and best goats of best breeds specially domesticated and maintained lovably for the festival of sacrifices and devotion to Allah on Bakra Eid. As popularly known through Islamic books and taught person how one should look after a goat before it goes for sacrifice very selected few persons actually care for it. Those who like to put their best efforts to please their lord through this sacred act and never think it just as a mandatory act for all Muslims follow their heart and generosity to gain maximum sawab on this festival.